In the Quiet Heart is Hidden


I have never had anyone in my family with a great physical challenge. Mine have always been of a more spiritual nature. To look at me physically I look quite whole, put together and even beautiful. (Don’t get me wrong I wrestled with what word to describe myself but I am trying to be as kind to myself as I am to others and I wouldn’t have even hesitated to use that adjective to describe someone else). I remember watching the movie “Soul Surfer” and in it this girl gets her arm bitten off by a shark. I remember feeling a tad jealous. Everyone can see her struggle and can help. It’s so easy to see. But if people could see my soul they would see the limbs that were missing. “in the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eyes can’t see. “

No one brought over a casserole or sent cards of love and flowers but I still mourned a great loss of my broken family. If it had been a physical death I know so many who would have reached out in love. I am not bitter that no one reached out. Before I had experienced divorce in my family I don’t think I would have done much either. But I have learned  an important lesson about sharing spiritual wounds. If I don’t share people can’t mind read and guess that I still need their love and support. As I got brave and asked for help spiritual casseroles and spiritual flowers bloomed all around me.

Is there burdens that aren’t physical that others could help lift if they just knew they were there? Pray and ask God who you can share it with.  Is there a little prompting you’ve felt about helping someone but just felt so awkward you didn’t know where to begin? Just do something, anything, they will appreciate that you were thinking of them. i know that as I reached out in love, they always felt of my loving intentions.


In the Quiet Heart is Hidden

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