My Personal Liahona


I have always thought the Liahona was cool. Wouldn’t it be great if I could get my hands on one of those directors that would show me straight course through my wilderness? But Alma clearly explains to his son (Alma 37 :44) it is as easy to give heed to those words of Christ, which will point to you a straight course to eternal bliss, as it was for our fathers to head to this compass, which would point to our Fathers a straight course to the promised land. “

The Lord doesn’t actually love me any less than he did Nephi’s family, he gives me the same Liahona, the same opportunity to be directed. Except instead of a curious ball he gives me the “words of Christ” that if read and headed will do the same thing that the Liahona did. And really people think we are peculiar enough I am glad I’m not carrying around a big ball of curious workmanship. I have everything I need fitting fashionably in my phone.

I would like to share one way I know the words of Christ become our personal Liahona. Being married provided me with enough manna. I was not grateful for it and I murmured. So one day I spoke to God and said “Okay if these are my Liahona then where is addiction in my marriage. I don’t remember if the answers unfolded before me but I think I kind of more gradually read into the answer. But either way when I read it i knew it was my answer.

There is a beautiful gospel lesson found in Mosiah 23 and 24. It has become a cherished story to me. It’s about Alma and his people. They had just fled king Noah and settled the land of Helam. They are righteous and doing everything right. Infact, the Lord prefaces the story by saying “the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea he trieth their patience and their faith” but he goes on to to say “Nevertheless whosoever putteth his trust in him shall be lifted up at the last day” He also prefaces the story by saying “none could deliver them but the Lord their God, yea…he did deliver them…and great were their rejoicings.”(Mosiah 23:24)

Alma and his people are working in their fields when the see the Lamanites approaching. The Lamanites ask them for directions and promise them protection if they show them the way back to their lands. The Nephites show them the way and the Laminates say we were joking you are now in bondage and you are all our slaves. Amulon, who like Alma was also a wicked priest of King Noah would have known Alma intimately. When you know someone personally you know all the ways to hurt and push their buttons. Then the people had heavy burdens laid on their back and were forbidden  to pray. But they continued to do what was in their power to do. They chose to  “pour out their hearts to him” The Lord rewards them with his own voice offering comfort and support. God allowed this whole situation to happen that they would all “stand as witness” that “God [does] visit [his] people in their afflictions.”(Mosiah 24:13-4)  Only after the Lord’s voice comes to them and their burdens are lightened do the people “submit cheerfully and patiently”. Finally, after the trial of their faith the Lord causes a profound sleep on their captors and they miraculously walk out of bondage.

So how did this story fit with me and my life? The beautiful thing about the spirit it that he talks to our heart. Right away I knew that these people had a horrific experience and had done nothing wrong. They were really righteous, but the Lord will chasten and prove us. He needs us to be more than simply righteous. He needs us to become like Him. He needs children that know and feel of his sustaining and delivering power. This story testified to me that the Lord does visit me in my afflictions. He is no respecter of persons and will show me the same love and kindness as I draw to him in prayer. I now testify to you and stand as a witness that I was visited in my affliction and felt my burdens lightened and was delivered too. As I submitted to the things I needed to learn in this situation the Lord taught me great lessons of love and compassion for his children. The same blessings can be yours as you turn to him in your afflictions and feel of His love and deliverance.

My Personal Liahona

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