Daily Miracles

The words of this entry flowed so freely that I cannot take credit but I am grateful that the Lord used me as an instrument. I wrote this as a missionary sixteen years ago.


I was asked to share a faith promoting story with the district. They didn’t want anything from South America nor did they want an Alma story where millions were converted through the action of one great missionary. What story could I possible share that could encourage and uplift so many people that I admire and think are wonderful missionaries? So I decided that I would share one of the greatest miracle stories that I know. It’s about a young child, who was confused by all the differences being taught. Truth was so unsure and unknown. They weren’t sure where to find answers to their questions. So they went to be alone to pray. This wasn’t a pray uttered in a grove and God the Father and Jesus Christ did not appear to them. But it was a sincere prayer, whispered with a sincere heart and the Lord answered the prayer in the way he wanted the prayer to be answered. It was a prayer where the simple question was asked… “Father can you love a sinner like me? Despite all my weakness can you still love me?” and the answer was an overwhelming -Yes- that burning undeniable feeling that pushes all doubt out and fills with an amazing joy and love. Now this isn’t miracle that is published, nor will their name be had for good and bad among all nations but will she be changed forever? Undoubtedly!

Why when a miracle is ours does it lose it’s beauty?

Mine is a story not that different from anyone else’s. Infact, if I asked you to tell about your conversion it would probably sound similar. But we have all been witnesses to what Gorden B. Hinckley calls the “greatest miracle ever performed- the mighty change of heart.”

Why is it we become numb to the miracles we witness daily? What is it that makes the miracles we perform any less miraculous? Perhaps its the fact that we aren’t going to make any Book of Mormon pages or general conference stories but our lives are noticed in the eyes of the Lord. Just like Abinidi who converted one person, we too are doing a great work. The miracles you perform are not going unnoticed. They are just as important in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of the people they touch.

I’ve prayed and received answers to my prayers so clearly. I’ve said exactly the right words to someone. I’ve had a woman thank me with tears in her eyes for the words I’ve said. I’ve felt priesthood holders lay their hands on my head and answer every question that I had ever muttered in a prayer and then promise me blessings beyond my ability to imagine. I know that the blessings that Jesus Christ gave to the Nephite people are just as beautiful as the blessings that I and others have received from your hands.

Alma taught an important truth when he said by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. We are those small and simple things, our actions are those small and simple things. Our small decisions to get out of bed at 6:30, to study the scriptures, to work on our discussions, to say hello to that person on the bus. (These are all specific missionary actions but you can enter any small and simple act.) Those are the small and simple actions.

I often wonder why Heavenly Father chooses to use the young people to go out and preach the gospel. He could call on gospel scholars, on apostles and even on angels if He should so desire. But He chooses us. I think it’s part of His great plan, why His thoughts are higher than ours.

So let us not be weary in well doing for we are laying the foundation of a great work. We are children of God with amazing potential. Your mission was designed for you and all those around you. Therefore, the small and simple miracles we see in our lives and the lives of those around us will bring to pass great things. So let us waste out and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden treasures of knowledge and let no man count them as small things.

I am grateful for the miracles I have witnessed in my life.


Daily Miracles

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