It is good to have questions. Infact the Saviour is always inviting us to ask. How many times do the scriptures say “ask and ye shall receive”. If you don’t have questions God cannot answer them. But where are you looking for your answers?

Sometimes we forget the very foundation of this latter day organization. It was a young boy who asked a question. But he didn’t just get the opinions from the religious men of his day. He took the question to the bible and made an effort to pray to God. The true source of all knowledge.

Joseph Smith didn’t have google to answer his questions but I think we are missing a great lesson from this foundational story. Questions take time, study, fasting and prayer sometimes many prayers over several years… but when the answers come from the true source they are sweet and beautiful. Enos described his answer as a “wrestle” with God. That is a difficult struggle. Notice he didn’t use a easier verb like commune, or chatted but used an arduous verb. Sometimes we want an answer without the wrestle. Enos cried in mighty prayer for a day and a night supplicating for his own soul. What are the questions that you need to wrestle with God? And are you willing to put in the effort to get the answers?

I never had a testimony that eight was the right age to be baptized. It probably wasn’t for me but that doesn’t mean that it is wrong for everyone. But it never sat well with me. I did believe that God loved me and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and the Book of Mormon was true and so I wasn’t going to let it ruin my testimony but I never really wrestled God for the answer. I did however live into the patient truth of the answer. It came to me as I was obedient to what I did believe. The first piece of my puzzle came on my mission. I taught two eight year old twins the gospel. They were raised in an LDS home but the parents wanted them to have the missionary discussions. As I taught them the spirit poured down on my and just undeniably said.. “Can’t you see how much they know? They are ready and willing.”

Then years later in a relief society lesson we would be studying teachings of the prophets and the teacher asked me if I would talk about my baptism. I felt kinda awkward talking about it because I rarely look back fondly at my baptism. But in that lesson as I honestly shared my experience the spirit touched me again…in the lesson it said something like kids with a healthy childhood eight is the right age. Although my parents did all they could to provide me with a happy childhood. I never told them about being abused until I was an adult and how that weighed on me and made me feel worthless and little. Now I can look back at the young little girl with more compassion and love.

I have questioned so much … and I have lived into many answers. I need to question more. I was so impressed to hear Sherri Dew talk about her wrestle she had about the new legislation… and how she wrestled to know the answer. She doesn’t give her specific answer but we can take any question to the Lord. But where will we go for answers? I promise google will give you a quick answer…. but some questions take a while to accept the true answers. I love how Elder James Martino put it when he said….

“When we consider thoughtfully, why would we listen to the faceless, cynical voices of those in the great and spacious buildings of our time and ignore the pleas of those who genuinely love us? These ever-present naysayers prefer to tear down rather than elevate and to ridicule rather than uplift. Their mocking words can burrow into our lives, often through split-second bursts of electronic distortions carefully and deliberately composed to destroy our faith. Is it wise to place our eternal well-being in the hands of strangers? Is it wise to claim enlightenment from those who have no light to give or who may have private agendas hidden from us? These anonymous individuals, if presented to us honestly, would never be given a moment of our time, but because they exploit social media, hidden from scrutiny, they receive undeserved credibility.”

I think a call, back to basics is necessary. As a missionary I used to invite people to ask God if what I taught them was true. I think that is still the answer. Ask God. Wrestle with Him… He will one day lead you into a beautiful precious answer.



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