Blob tree

blob tree

This is a funny little tree. There are several different emotions and feelings expressed on this tree. Every class at the beginning and the end you had to report  where you were as a blob on the tree. I did not like this activity but I did recognize it’s importance. I felt very uncomfortable admitting to everyone how I felt in that moment.  For someone publishing a blog about their life and feelings and the importance of sharing our true stories it seems a little hypocritical. But I am not naturally an extrovert. My older sister and my younger brother have never been shy. They always talked with everyone. But when I was young I was painfully shy. My sister did most of the talking for me. Sometimes there are still remnants of that girl. I have learned to love her too. But I have definitely learned the beauty of being the first one to be vulnerable in approaching strangers. I have also felt the joy of discovering new friends in just opening my mouth and saying hello.

The first week I choose the blob with her arm around the other blob sitting in the branches. Then I think I liked the one on top. I also picked the guy on the platform. After awhile, I started inventing my own blobs too. One week I said I was a blob with my arms wrapping and hugging the tree.

There was a time too where we decided that if you didn’t like the blob tree you could use some adjectives to describe how you were feeling if you didn’t use the words , “good” or “fine” to describe how you were feeling… but that I even found more exposing and was happy to retreat back to the ambiguity of the blob tree.

I found this paper to be really good to teach my children about feelings. They found it easy to relate to the different forms and we had some good conversations about feelings. Even though it was hard I am happy to have learned the skill about how to check into my feelings regularly.


Blob tree

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