Time time time…

Image result for timeIf you make a goal to accomplish something everyday, it makes it really easy to see when you have succeeded or failed. Today was one of those days where you have errands and cleaning and house work and you slept in… not to mention the sugar coma that you ate yourself into on Halloween. ( I’m just saying hypothetically 😉  ). Ironically my yoga instructor warned me about the negative consequences of indulging in such a sugar rush. Yet I knew when I went to bed late last night that I wouldn’t be getting my kids ready for the start of school and I would be sleeping in.

Therefore, I knew today was going to be a day where something would have to give.  My supper was delicious and healthy. My errands got accomplished. My kitchen is half clean as I stopped cleaning to take a moment to blog my day. I am also sitting on top of a scrap booking project I placed all over the office floor. I am having a huge inner struggle within myself. Don’t blog… go finish your kitchen… don’t blog…. finish the project on the floor… don’t blog… go clean the car that you will be taking in 15 minutes to go and watch a friend in their high school play…. Does it really matter if my kitchen is cleaned now or in the morning? Does it really matter if my car isn’t vacuumed? Is my world gonna stop? Who is it any way that puts these standards?

Cleaning can be all consuming, it’s one of those tasks that never ends…. but I do like the way a clean house feels… But I also liked my nap this morning and stopping by a friends house… cooking a nice meal… and I will enjoy going to the play with my family tonight. I set a goal to blog a something every day for November. (just to see if I could) So something had to give…. today it was cleaning… and I have changed my mind set… as I will walk out of my papers scattered on my floor, walk by my almost cleaned kitchen and drive in my semi clean car… I will think…”It’s okay, I got my blog post done today… and that is enough.”

What might happen if you let go of some of your expectations?

Time time time…

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