I Love Lucy

If you only had a few moments to express your love for your child what would you say?

Today is Lucy’s birthday. She is eight. What a fun and exciting birthday for her. But as I reflect back on the bundle of love I held eight years ago today I have all these beautiful moments.

Lucy was my cuddle bug right from the beginning. It’s like she knew I needed to be snuggled and she was happy to oblige. I have always appreciated this that Lucy loves touch. I have seen her extend this kindness to others. When we were at an old folks home she tenderly touched and embraced each senior. It was beautiful.

Lucy is kind. She has a tender heart. She will often share and sacrifice for others. This is a beautiful gift and as a parent you love to see your children think of others.

Lucy has always been fiercely independent. “I can do it myself” she would exclaim. Then I would watch her proceed to dress and lose her mind over trying to successfully wrestle her t-shirt over her shoulders and head.

She is graceful and loves moving to music. I love watching Lucy dance because her whole demeanor changes. Her face  becomes serious as she gracefully extends an arm or a foot and the movement flows through her whole body. This is a shared love. A special bond where we connect.

Lucy has been a defender of her friends. One time when she was two, her best friend Eva and her were playing in a church group. A boy bigger than Lucy was pushing Eva around. Lucy grabbed the big boy by the forearm and squeezed him hard.  She yelled, “You leave my Eva alone.”  The boy ran away with tears and Lucy  conquered.

I am proud of my girl. Honestly, I don’t always know how to raise her. I mess up constantly. But if I can be patient with her and remember the beauty that she adds to my life and the moments that endear her to me… I think we will be okay.

I am grateful for a mom that showed me how to love and sacrifice for her children. I quality that I would not fully appreciate until I had children of my own.

I love Lucy.

I Love Lucy

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