Arms of the Angels

A good friend convinced me to go to a Sarah McLachlan concert with her. I really didn’t know her music… but when I went to the concert I was amazed at her talent and skill. She was a beautiful singer, woman and artist.

She spoke of the struggle to create and write songs. She said it takes her hours, days, months to fine tune her music until it’s ready to be recorded… but she said sometimes God (or maybe she said the Universe) just gives you a gift. That is how she introduced the song Angel.

I had heard this song before, but somehow that introduction made me see it in a new light. It gave me an appreciation and a new found beauty for the song… like it was a gift and she was the instrument by which this melody and lyrics were played.

It would be years later that I would be weeping in my car. I was deflated and life seemed to be getting the better of me. I was silently praying for releif. I cried till there were no more tears. I started my car and there cued up perfectly for my listening enjoyment came on Angel. The River, our local radio station, had played a hand in my miracle.  Because I had never forgotten Sarah’s introduction to this song I knew that this song was just to speak to my spirit at that moment. It provided a profound comfort and I have loved it even more ever since.

When we become the instruments to God’s love  and use our talents to let His love shine through us we can bless all His children. Thank you Sarah McLachlan for your beautiful creation. Thanks God for setting up the details of that night that I had no doubt that your Tender Mercies were upon me.

Art work by Annie Henrie Nalder

Arms of the Angels

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