I read this quote yesterday. Tonight as I was putting my daughter to bed I said, “Don’t forget to kneel down and pray.” It was a routine thing to say… which was met by the usual… moan and groan and the struggle between, “I’m so comfortable in my bed, can I just kneel on top and mutter something quick or is mom gonna make me roll off and pray?” So I said to her, “Why don’t you kneel down and use the prayer phone, God wants to hear about your day?” She laughed and jumped down to the side of her bed. Then she said, “If He ses everything and knows everything why do I need to tell Him?” Now I have used this argument many times myself and quite successfully. But as my daughter asked it I said, “Just like any friend or parent He wants you to talk to Him too.” She seemed satisfied with my answer and actually gave a longer more sincere prayer.

We have been working on really communicating with God. We’ve talked lots about what if you called your friend on the phone, only you spoke, you pretty much said the same phrases every day and then before even asking how things are for them you just hung up? You could see the wheels turning… I love those moments. It did cause them to pause and consider what they were doing. Prayer is an ongoing lesson in our house but as I think of teaching it less of a routine and more as developing a relationship with an Eternal Friend I think it will be better. When I focus less on the action and more on the intention, real deep abiding faith can be developed.

In the words of a beautiful primary song… “Some say heaven is far away, but I feel it close around me as I pray.”



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