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One time when I was teaching a gospel doctrine class we were talking about Lehi’s dream and of course the strait and narrow path was discussed. One comment from a kind soul changed my perception on a story I had known for years.

He simply remarked, “Have you ever noticed ‘strait’ is spelled S-T-R-A-I-T? (Spelling¬†details have never really stuck out to me, I am truly a terrible speller) I had always taken the path to mean ‘straight’ and narrow… but what did God mean when He used it with that particular spelling?… because He also says STRAIT is the gate that you shall enter…. At my class the young man had mentioned that strait can also mean difficult. What he said sounded good but of course I had to check it for myself. When I returned home from church I googled the definition of strait and this is what I saw.

  1. a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water.
    “the Strait of Gibraltar”
    synonyms: channel, sound, inlet, stretch of water

    “a strait about six miles wide”
    2. used in reference to a situation characterized by a specified degree of trouble or difficulty.
    “the economy is in dire straits
    synonyms: a bad/difficult situation, difficulty, trouble, crisis, a mess, a predicament, a plight;More


  1. (of a place) of limited spatial capacity; narrow or cramped.
    “the road was so strait that a handful of men might have defended it”


I was so happy to see it for myself. This made sense. I could be on the strait and narrow, (you notice the ways its spelled now don’t you?) and be holding onto the iron rod and it could still be difficult. Infact, it was meant to be difficult. It’s one of the adjectives to describe it. The Lord is so smart. I find myself amazed at His descriptions and the depth of His words.




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