light in hands - pray the crucifix in darkness

This is a quote that a friend shared on facebook. I liked it so much that I decided to see the source. It was from a conference talk back in April of 1976.

It was from a talk titled, “You Are Your Greatest Treasure,” delivered by John H. Vandenberg. But he is quoting Richard Wightman
He quoted, “Your greatest problem is yourself. You are also your greatest treasure. If you can get yourself determined upon—find out what you are and what you are for, and if you can discover and develop the elements of value in your nature—your life will take on the beauty of orderliness. … I say ‘if you can,’ for this procedure takes wisdom, and wisdom is a fruit that ripens slowly. Perhaps you are not yet wise, perhaps you are still incapable of self-analysis, perhaps you are confused amid the surface and appearances of life, perhaps your code of conduct is based on the custom of the times and the sayings of alleged sages, perhaps you are disheartened and discouraged, even in frenzy of retreat before the things in your life which seem to oppose you and beat you back. But even so, this is but a condition or mood which is not final. The condition will right itself, the mood will pass.”

The Holy Ghost will help us “find out what you are and what you are for.” I have tried many times to try and fit into what I thought was the church mold. I felt I had to portray perfect and be kind and friendly without working through my real feelings. But God created me completely unique. How I read the scriptures and interpret them are going to be completely different from you. But you can add insights and meaning into my life and I can offer the same to you. Perhaps that is why we are command to reunite often. However, we have to be humble and teachable and have the gift of discernment.

As I have tried to find truly “what I am for” and love all parts that are me, the strengths and the weaknesses, I have found that my Father wants His daughter to do His work in her unique way. Be authentic to the light within and not try to copy some program but pray and get my own inspiration on how I can accomplish my part. Which lives only my unique skill set can uplift and bless… and the encourage others to do the same.

I love this idea.

Here is the link to the conference talk.


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