Sometimes the world lets us meet fantastic people. I am blessed to be related to this talented girl. I had to share her post because it spoke to me. Often her posts are beautiful. I follow her on Facebook. She is on an amazing journey of love, strength, beauty, empowerment, and purpose.

Here is her post.

Kirsti’s Thoughts

I’m sitting here trying to think of a post to make tonight… feeling agitated. Not sure why?

Maybe because my new neighbors stopped by unannounced and asked to take a peek at our floor plan, but my house is trashed after 3 days of the kids home.

Maybe because I have a dentist appointment in the morning, will need to be numbed and get so nervous for procedures.

Maybe because I am leaving in 4 days and I need to do like 100 loads of laundry and 10 loads of dishes to get caught up.

And I realize… these are my triggers. Not feeling tidy enough. Not feeling strong enough. Not feeling in control.

Which all leads to a limiting self-believe I feel often, which is that I am not “enough”. I seem to have this nagging feeling that no matter how many people I help, or how I spend my time, I’m still falling short of my potential. And as I recognize those thoughts, I remind myself where they come from. Satan. “He attempts to focus our sight on our own insignificance until we begin to doubt that we have much worth. He tells us that we are too small for anyone to take notice, that we are forgotten—especially by God.

God. The most powerful Being in the universe is the Father of your spirit. He knows you. He loves you with a perfect love.

No matter where you live, no matter how humble your circumstances, how meager your employment, how limited your abilities, how ordinary your appearance, or how little your calling in the Church may appear to you, you are not invisible to your Heavenly Father. He loves you. He knows your humble heart and your acts of love and kindness. Together, they form a lasting testimony of your fidelity and faith.

God sees you not only as a mortal being on a small planet who lives for a brief season—He sees you as His child. He sees you as the being you are capable and designed to become. He wants you to know that you matter to Him.” –Dieter F. Uchdorf

And those were the words from the talk I began reading on Sunday morning but didn’t finish until just now. A topic I chose on Saturday night, after randomly flipping through my study book. It’s no coincidence. I needed to hear those words. They bring me comfort and perspective during my daily trials. I struggle often with anxiety, stress, and feeling like I have to prove my self-worth. Tonight I’m going to take a deep breath, a hot shower, and say a long prayer that I will be able to fight off Satan’s influence of discouragement.

We are special. We are perfect just the way we are. We are more than enough…. We are DIVINE!