There are songs and stories featuring shoes. We’ve got to wear them… most times… so why not make them fabulous.

As a child I loved Cinderella and would have died to have glass slippers,.. but I didn’t realize the cost: stepmothers! endless chores! and revealing your true self to the one you love!!! I’d be happy with a ruby slipper, killing a witch seems more bearable than the other options … there is no place like home.

You know the adage… when life gives you lemons… Well, we will expand it… when God me ugly feet… I bought cute shoes…

I know NOW that my body is a temple.. and God doesn’t mess up in its construction…. but as a child… struggling with worth… I hated my feet. To remove my shoes… was torture… they were stinky… and gross and I hated them…

Helen Keller added perspective:

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”

Sometimes our problems need perspective. Besides, thinking you have gross feet—–is really a paradigm shift. There are always shoes, pedicures…. and different perspective.

Focusing on what my feet can do helps me realize their beauty. The Lord has always blessed me with not only feet, but ones that walk, run, and DANCE!!! When you realize all the things they do… it makes me start seeing the beauty!

My grandma used to sing a song to me that I hated…

Danielle- aaa Danielle-aaaa How your Feet Smella!!!

As I child I did not appreciate this song… especially because it was true!!! If the shoes weren’t leather, even if they were, I knew they were gonna be a stink bomb in about three days. But foot powder was a life saver.

These thoughts come from a discussion we had at a 17 of March party where they asked me to speak to the sisters about , “Walking a Mile in Her Shoes!”

We played name that tune: first song: Sand in my Shoes…. the Drifters  (even though this song sounds a lot like under the boardwalk… some even said… if you are under the boardwalk its guaranteed sand in your shoes!

When I asked what sand in your shoes meant, most conjured up memories of walking on beaches and hot sunny days.

So I stirred it up a little… apart from the beach have you ever tried walking with sand in your shoes? Or have tried walking with a tiny rock …. A small thing can make a hike very unpleasant… the solution is to remove it… Identify it… and take it out.

EASY!!! But when it comes to spiritual rocks in my spiritual shoes… I don’t always know they are there. Coveting is so tricky… it’s easier to see when you covet something physical like shoes… (then I said… I have never really conveted shoes…. but I stopped and I said… although looking around this room (because the room was displayed with numerous, fantastic original shoes )  I think I will start! But for me, coveting was more in the form ideas and relationships. Believing somewhere, someone was living the life that I wanted… that sand is harder to identify… because for a long time I wouldn’t have even known it was there. The easiest way for me to identify is the negative things I think or say about others is my first clue… It’s like a big magnifying glass on the sand in my shoes. The other way… if I am not truly joyful… each day… I need to stop and be still… pray… and express to my loving Father in Heaven… my true thoughts… sometimes he shows me I need to change something, sometimes its go serve someone else.. sometimes its but look at what I have given you… sometimes He just listens and says… Yeah that is hard… but I am the Potter and I am molding you to how I need you to be. Here is peace and comfort.


I didn’t use this video… but it works at this part… As a seven-year-old boy living in the Arabian Peninsula, he was consistently told by my parents to always wear my shoes. And I understood why. I knew that shoes would protect my feet against the many threats to be found in the desert such as snakes, scorpions, and thorns.


The second song was Adam Ants  “Goodie two Shoes”  This was for my 80 chicks!!!! Only the eighties chicks new this song…

So I held up a sparkly high heel and said… this is a beautiful shoe. But if I asked you to run a marathon it might not be the one you pick. A held up an ugly croc and said… this might not be the one I would choose to wear to church… But last year my cousin broke her ankle. She’s a fashion diva! But the one shoe that was a Godsend… was the crock. We giggled as she would say… I can’t believe how much I love these crocs!

Love your shoes.. whether its… season for heels, runners, work boots, orthotics, ski boots or gumboots… decorate them… celebrate them… Just because its croc season…. doesn’t mean they cant be bedazzled…

But let’s not judge… if its party shoes for you… don’t judge the Moses’ of the world for being in bare feet…. We don’t know what season it is for everyone.  Trust that they know how to select footwear appropriate for the season. Every shoe can fit… but a task always works better when you have the appropriate footwear.

Walk a mile in her shoes…sometimes we’d rather not…

3. Shoes… Shania Twain

I only had the karaoke version… Unfortunately, without the words… this song sounds like every country song… But we had a good laugh at it!!!

I told the sisters that this year in September I felt like I was on the path the Lord wanted me to be. I felt like I should return to teaching. Not in June when there was a plethora of jobs… but in September when the competition was tight.

After failing my first interview on the solar eclipse day… I wasn’t too sad because I bought these shoes. I presented a beautiful pair of faux fur lined boots with blue pleather and roses all over… They are adorable.

After the second interview failure… I rewarded my efforts with these. I should them my runners that had a butterfly on the toe and a “Live Your Life” painted on the other… The hightops didn’t match but they were coordinated and so fun. I thought these will be great teaching shoes!

By the time the third interview came around, I was ready. I had a fantastic portfolio, I had upgraded all the necessary training, I had rehearsed and practiced answers to questions. I interviewed principals and teachers and found all the right lingo. So buying these shoes… ( i held up my adorable Eiffel tower mary janes) was a little of a shock. But Arent they so cute!!! They will be great teaching shoes.

But now I had a problem… I had three beautiful pairs of teaching shoes and no one to teach!


And then my dream posting had come up. ( 0.5 literacy position!!!) Also, there was another job that I applied to at the same time… I variety position of Kindergarten and grade two math… Why not!!!

I couldn’t be more prepared… I knew I was supposed to be a teacher. My dream job was on the line… and there was a backup that I was fully qualified to teach… Wow, all my patience and hardwork would be paying off.

I had too many shoes so for failure four and five I bought a new purse and a dress.

Then i looked at everyone and said sisters… at this time I want you to turn to someone at your table and tell them a time when you thought you were right on track… doing everything the Lord wanted you to do… and you thought the blessing looked like a teaching job… but on looking back you realized the blessing was three pairs of fabulous shoes?

In all honesty, the question I asked first was not well formulated… and very wordy and completely confusing… So I said… How many of you have no idea about the question?

Most hands shot up …. to which I replied… “It’s hard to imagine why I don’t have a teaching contract, with beautiful questions like that!”

Then I reformed the questions and let them chat. I heard people answer right away. I saw others really thinking about the question. I heard one lady say… I am in the middle of it… I can’t see the shoes yet… but I know they will come!


4 . Last Song : Today, I Walked Where Jesus Walked… It was more of an instrumental.


Sometimes just like Moses… it’s time to remove them…

Or like Dorothy… click your heels and go home

Cinderella will always be losing one… but it gets her to her dreams

Whatever season… whatever style… celebrate everyone… if the shoe fits!!!!!

Then I showed them this orange jelly sandal decorated with beads. These are a souvenir from an epic trip that my mom, sister and I went to tour around France to reconnect with friends and family. My aunt had offered the shoes as a souvenir of our shopping trip and time together. I loved them… We went on a little canoe trip. It was so fun and I wore these shoes. Somehow my shoe had fallen into the river. The river was clear you could see the bottom, but there were some plants on the bottom but it wasn’t that deep or dirty. I fully expected to find my sandal. My cousin even brought his canoe over and jumped in and dove to the bottom with me. It was nowhere to be found. I was so sad. But the canoe trip was amazing.

I have prayed and had answers to prayers more miraculous than it would have been if I found that sandal that day…

But two years later when my sister was cleaning out her closet… She threw her sandals on the bed and said…”Do you want these?”

There was the answer to my prayer. Sometimes the Lord answers right away! Somtimes it takes years… and sometimes it takes longer!!! But He hears our prayers and He will answer in His time.

When Jesus does up his laces… and gets ready to go out… He sees the scars left on His feet…… Can a woman forget her sucking child.. She may forget thee… But I will not.. Thou art engraven on the palm of my hands,,, but he could have equally said… and thou art engraven on the soles of my feet…

Sisters… every shoe is important… All types necessary. You wouldn’t run a marathon in these… and you wouldn’t walk to work in this… But as we walk… barefoot or highheels runners or workboots… let’s be kind…

These are the shoes you see on Sunday… my big sparkle shoes…. but these (old house slippers… are my go to) and this is what is really happening in the home.

From the comfy flat ballet to the 6 inch stiletto even to the ones that help us walk better, or get to work, they all tell a story about us, who we are and where we have been. Whether you wear your dancing shoes, blue suede shoes or your cowboy boots made for walkin’…We all wear different shoes and no matter what kind of shoes you are wearing… the shoes you wear never make the woman you are.

And it is not always about the shoes but what direction they carry you. It’s not what shoe you wear… but who you are and who you want to become. 

Forrest Gump said, “Momma always said you can tell an awful lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear.”





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