Gratitude For Opportunities

Lately, I have been trying to write a speech for a competition that I entered. It has been a grueling but beautiful experience.

I am grateful to a loving God who blessed me with marvelous words, phrases, and ideas – but not too easily. I had to ask, plead, beg, cry, fast, pray, meditate, work, work and work, ask others for help, stop relying on others for help, make a plan and follow it, make a plan to do my speech but fulfill other roles, attend the temple with with what to say, revise, humbly take revision, acknowledge when others know better, have the courage to graciously decline a suggestion. Buy and write thank you cards to all who assisted, Thank God for the mind, the breath, the body, and the story that He gave me to share!!! Not forgetting the knowledge of seeing my life as the vehicle to share this message in a way that others could relate.

Gratitude To Family

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include my dreams of Motherhood and Marriage (not in that order) … my prince, sometimes who acts like my son… but that makes me his Queen! He too sacrificed, supported and contributed. He cleaned toilets, cooked and cleaned, entertained our daughters and has endured hearing this speech more times than any one person should!

My daughters, who I think were more motivated by money, without your help this speech may not be memorized. Claire I think had it memorized before I did and Lucy who can imitate and overexaggerate… my overexaggerated performance…!! It has been an adventure!

I thank,  Ralph C. Smedley, who in 1924 had an idea to start a club… He called it toastmasters. Thankful to him and his organzation which endured. For helping me find my voice and have a story to share… This Saturday in Calgary I will have the opportunity to share my speech! Any of your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, are appreciated! I will post the speech next Sunday! Wish me the best!

Gratitude For Opportunities

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