My Tale to Tell



This is me after my speech competition at the mall… doing retail therapy! No, it was a “courageous journey paved with a path of determination and grit”! I was incredibly vulnerable… out of my comfort zone… but I think I taught my girls about dedication and hard work!

My speech wont read as well.. but I want to post it… I have so much blood, sweat, and tears… lots of inspiration built into this speech… its a big parable for the truth of my life…

Sharing Cinders to Slippers and  Transform Someones Ever After… Danielle Low

(This part is done without a voice) “Honestly share your Cinderella story”

You heard right there was no sound… What happens when no one hears you?

I am learning the power and joy of becoming the author, editor,  and publisher of my life.

Contest Chair, Toastmasters, and fellow publishers.

Who is writing your story?

As children my sister, Jen, and I joined a crowd watching a magician … he walked NEAR us and said… “Now little boy… blow on my hand,”.. When he repeated the command to my horror Jen and I  realized he thought I was a boy. …I froze.. my sister blurted… “She’s a girl… Embarrassed the magician asked my name. I refused to speak… Rescuing both of us Jen explained…”I talk for her.”

I am a middle child.  (Then I pause….See? no one cares!) Born between two loud personalities, someone else was always telling my story.

I’ve been told when my mom asked what I wanted to become I replied Cinderella. (twirl)

My baby brother wanted to be a crane, not the bird the machine. He grew up to be a lawyer… Lawyer (hold up one hand)…. Cinderella (float one hand up) … I let you decide who made the right choice. Or we are all nuts… 

How do you write a fairytale?

Bibbidi bobbidi boo (walk over to the pumpkin and pull out your gold book) … if it were that easy we would have more authors

Which part of your life deserves a voice?

In my youth, I came across my dad’s teenage journal. I had just scratched the surface when I heard his footsteps. (drop the book) As he entered the room,   He grabbed his journal and bellowed, Did you read this? Based on his tone I knew to lie. So I did. I never did read it again. I wish he would have shared. 

Become a life author. Not to be world famous but to be famous in your world.  Use your narrative to benefit your entourage. Reveal the sparkly carriages while honoring humble pumpkin beginnings.

Share Gratefully, Share Fearlessly,  Simply Share!!!

Leaving 711, my daughter exclaimed, “Was that man famous? The cashier asked for his autograph! The cashier asked him to sign his visa receipt. She saw the magic in the mundane.


Writing life’s magic moments can completely change future chapters! Recordings life’s events with gratitude does not mean we pretend but admit, life’s harshest flames are the necessary conditions to turn SAND to glass. And enduring extreme fiery trials molds Glass into custom slippers!

It won’t be a bibbidi bobbidi boo transformation but it will carry you past midnight.Your story will transform someone’s pumpkin into a golden coach moving them to better destinations.

Often like Cinderella, we are afraid to reveal our true selves. Never stopping long enough to reflect why we run from our dreams.

My dreams were motherhood and marriage… (not in that order) but I found my prince and my children (in that order) So where was my happily ever after?(shrug shoulders)  I began to edit, but not always honestly. Living one story and publishing another slowly erodes your soul!

Hide nothing! The beauty in any Cinderella story is not the triumphant ending but a courageous journey on a path paved with determination and grit. (It sounds so magicialy… )

Now I will Reveal the thrilling fairytale moments when I finally held my healthy newborn baby.

But I wont leave out when the slipper shattered. As I held my baby my mom had stage 3 ovarian cancer.

At that moment I just wanted to be held in her arms



There are moments when we think we are perfectly dressed only to have our outer layers ripped to shreds… these moments that bring us to our knees sobbing.Publish these chapters too. Let your story be the fairy Godmother inspiring people to wipe their tears,  get ready for the ball. AND remind them EXTREME HEAT is essential to acquire custom

Remind them EXTREME HEAT is essential to acquire custom glass slippers…That is the real prize!. The prince and the children have a lot to say… Shoes… never talk back…or leave socks on the floor.. I’m still wearing the same size I did in high school!!!  It’s a dream come true!!!

In my book of life, I tried to rip out pages, and when they wouldn’t tear I glued them and pretended they didn’t exist.  Until I got to a dark place where I no longer wanted to exist. I falsely believed that if anyone read those pages their love wouldn’t exist. The first time I shared this story was around a campfire. My youth leader told me she had the same chapter in her book. I instantly felt a connection.

No one escapes suffering. We all have Cinderella stories.

If we honestly share all the pages we can comfort and even heal each other.

Who is writing your story?

Toastmasters. Authors, and Editors with new pathways before us … pick a path and  to publish your life

Have courage…..share the original script. O what dreams will come true!


(Say the first two words … and then let your voice trail off… Share your Cinderella … eyes become big… because you have no voice… and put your hand over your mouth and gasp!!! Back up)

SHARE YOUR STORY!!! (point to the contest chair)

Well, my speech competition journey is finished. I will not be moving to the next level… but I got hired as a teacher and a new chapter begins…

My Tale to Tell

One thought on “My Tale to Tell

  1. Marilyn Lowry says:

    I am captivated by your insight and your fearless sharing of truth. Recognizing that honesty is vital to emotional health and well-being and finding ones voice. I feel love and gratitude for you and your example of grit and incredible becoming


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