Sea Glass

20180817_204412This summer I was privileged to finally visit the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia. On this pleasant sunny day we were searching for sea glass. We had already googled the best beaches and knew the tide schedules. In the car ride out we planned what we would do with the hoards of sea glass we would collect.

As we excitedly entered the beach we had high hopes and big dreams. Lucy found a piece right away. This was going to be awesome. Optimism was high until the seconds turned into minuties and with the passing time our frustration grew as no sea glass was to be found. It appeared our hope was beginning to shatter.

I had whispered a silent prayer before the search but now as I had one daughter who had a treasure and the other was left absent I started to pray harder.

My first thought was I need more information. I googled how to find sea glass. There experts taught me to walk along the tide lines in a zig zag pattern. After sharing my knowledge, we were still empty handed.

I started to think about my prayer. Did I not have enough faith? Did I need to add more details to my prayer? Did I need to acquire more skills? Did I need to recruit others into my search? Was I too focused on sea glass and missing all the other treasures that the ocean was offering? Did I need to think differently about the situation and realize that under hotter temperatures this whole sandy beach was capable of becoming glass?

We found two locals, who gave us sea glass searching advice and also pointed us in the direction of a new beach. A few miles down the road we hoped held better promises.  This drive was significantly more somber. But as we found the beach we began our search again.

We searched. As we were searching I approached Lucy. I asked her if she could say a prayer for her sister that she could find some sea glass too. She agreed. I also asked her if Claire didn’t find any if she would be willing to give her piece to her sister. This comment was met with hostility. But she agreed any additional findings would go to her sister.

As I walked up to Claire, she was already frustrated and before I could get a word out she said something snarky.

I silently whispered that prayer, or plea of a mother. “Heavenly Father, I know it’s just sea glass. On a scale of importance it is small. But today it means everything. Will thou please let me have this one win.”

As I finished my prayer I soon found a piece. I didn’t want to cause a scene and so I quietly tucked it into my bucket.

Claire was losing patience with the process and she was beginning to through rocks into the ocean. Suddenly we started finding sea glass. Grandpa had settled on sitting in one spot and digging in the tide lines. His strategy was successful. Grandma and Lucy were finding glass too. Claire rejoined the search and was able to find her share of sea glass.

I whispered another prayer of thanks to a kind Heavenly Father.

Finally Jennifer and Walter, two locals came walking down the beach. True to the east coast reputation, they were friendly and talkative. Walter showed us how to troll the shore line. He taught us not to look for glass but to watch the shore and see what looks out of place. He said its a feeling more than sight. He showed us how to find black sea glass. It’s not until you hold it up to the sun that you can differentiate between a rock and black sea glass. Almost immediately grandpa found a piece. It was great having a Master teach us.

Then as we were about to part ways, Jennifer offered her small bucket full of sea glass to my girls. That day the Lord answered my prayers through a sweet stranger. I thank her for that offering. It meant everything to me that day.

As we got home and I looked at the haul we had collected. Thanks to our efforts and the generosity of those around us. I was so grateful. Grateful for more than just sea glass. Grateful that I could share this story with my daughters and my husband. Grateful that even in small matters of sea glass the Lord cares.


I know Jesus is no respecter of persons. Whether your desires are a simple as sea glass or more serious; He listens. He who is aware of the birds in the air… or glass in the sea, He is capable to help. Trust Him and fear not… You are more valuable than glass or birds.


Sea Glass

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