Lessons From Roses

Lessons From Roses

With spring in the air, it is time for my husband to start getting the roses ready. In the past, the roses have been a fight.

How could a girl not love roses?

You see I live in a home, that is all made of brick… just like the third little pig. Seven long summers I worked for a brick mason and he promised to brick my first home. He kept that promise and put beautiful designs, a herringbone wall, coined corners, and special soldier trim all in brick… It is beautiful.

My husband loves roses. He loves growing, pruning, and nurturing the beautiful blooms. He spends hours in the garden making sure everything is perfect.

Where is the problem you ask?

Well, he loves roses climbing all over my beautiful bricks.  

But this year,  instead of complaining, I am going to take time to smell the roses and appreciate some of the lessons I can learn.


  1. Roses Teach Love

Robert Burns described it best when he said… “My Luve is like a red red rose. That’s newly sprung in June.”

One time, a boy, that I was in love asked me, “How do I know of all the girls that you’re the one I love most.”

I mean, besides the obvious answer I wanted to give.  DUH? (Boys do not ever ask a girl this question… if you do she is not the one for you.)

I had to think about it.

How does one know who they love? What made me more special than any other girl out there?

You’re not going to be surprised that this is not the boy planting flowers in my yard.But I did find the answer to his question, oddly enough, in one of my favorite stories.


Antoine St Exupery wrote a book about a Little Prince living on a tiny planet with only three volcanoes, and one special rose. The rose is vain, demanding and deceives the prince into thinking that she is unique in all the world. Knowing no other roses the Little Prince believes this is why he loves her.

But when the Little Prince leaves his planet to explore, he discovers a rose garden. He is absolutely devastated when he realizes that all the reasons he had for loving his rose, beauty and uniqueness, were not valid anymore.

It would take him. Another lesson on love from another friend to realize that it’s not qualities that make us love them. But the time invested in the people we love. After learning this he runs back to the rose garden and proclaims:

“You’re beautiful, but you’re empty…One couldn’t die for you. Of course, an ordinary passerby would think my rose looked just like you. But my rose, … is more important than all of you together, since she’s the one I’ve watered….put under glass, …sheltered behind the screen… killed the caterpillars (except the two or three butterflies). ..listened to …  she’s my rose.”

The second lesson I learn from the roses is

2 Favorable Conditions Promote Growth

Under the right conditions, any bud will bloom. In order to have a healthy plant, you need certain requirements. Sun, water, soil, and carbon dioxide are essential. If the conditions are not favorable you will not see growth. Too often I blame the rose for not growing and forget to make sure the conditions are adequate. Are you ever guilty of focusing on the wrong area and feel stunted in your growth?

Pruning the dead wood promotes new growth. If you are stuck in old habits that are not helping you achieve your goals… you might have to cut them out and allow new skills and ideas to bless your life.

Lesson Three

Where Do I Focus

Although roses are beautiful and delightful to have in the house they can be painful to harvest.  Yet enduring the pain of a thorn… can yield beauty.

French author said: “Some people are always finding fault with Nature for putting thorns on roses; I always thank her for having put roses on thorns.”

This spring and always… as you talk time to admire and smell the roses,  may you think of all the lessons from a rose. Can we not be blessed to see the beauty of the roses on the bricks?